How Do You Select LGBT Media For Your Marketing Mix in 2018?

Have you seen the trend where most media companies today spend all of their marketing time speaking about themselves? Take a look at their social media activity... is their main goal to simply drive traffic back to their website, and from their website, promote their advertisers?  Or are they actively promoting their advertisers directly from their social media activity?  The answers to these questions will help you determine which LGBT media company, blogger or influencer is right for you.  Not only are you asking yourself if they're well aligned with your brand.  You should also be asking yourself if they are bringing you, the advertiser, along with them as a partner on their daily journey, as they share, comment, like, post status updates, photos and videos.

When they do talk about you, are they connecting their posts to your business profile?  Are they hashtagging their posts with relevant tags that ensure their message about you is being seen by a wide audience over a period of days and weeks, not just minutes.  Do they "speak Twitter" and use some of the same techniques used by most influencers today, including ensuring a photo is included with their post?  Also, are they able to work with you to boost your post to their Facebook audience, using Facebook's paid advertising and audience building systems? We believe these are the questions you should be asking yourself when determining which LGBT media companies, bloggers and influencers should be a part of your marketing mix in 2018.



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