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How To Audit Your Content Marketing Plan

While researching the importance of performing an audit for content marketing strategies, I came across many creative approaches and one comment in particular that really stuck in my craw. An online advisor suggested a “quick audit” as the solution, and I thought to myself, what good is an audit if it is done quickly? With synonyms like, examine, inspect and scrutinize, an audit needs to be thorough, to improve processes, lose unnecessary items and become more efficient. , a website specifically dedicated to helping improve online content, revealed some pretty frightening statistics in regards to material on the internet. When it comes to overlooked data on the world wide web, even the mighty Microsoft lost ground with 30% of their content being ignored. B2B’s content goes largely unused, somewhere between 60-70% of it remaining unpublished. Reasons like these and many others are why it is important to examine our content more thoroughly. A woman vastly ahead of