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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and NAGLREP Release Findings from First-of-its-Kind National LGBT Study Dedicated to Homeownership

Findings show overwhelming appreciation of and intent toward homeownership, but illustrate concerns that deserve industry awareness  Over the last decade, there has been an increasing amount of attention paid to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community but, until now, little information has been available about this population segment’s preferences, aspirations and mindset surrounding the home buying process and homeownership in general. With the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality pending and on the brink of LGBT pride month, Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate and the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP) today released findings from the first-ever LGBT Home Buyer and Seller Survey of more than 1,700 respondents that show a majority believe homeownership to be a good investment, but possess strong concern when it comes to housing discrimination. “This groundbreaking study sheds new light on the aspirations a

China Holds First Gay Employment Fair

2nd Annual LGBT Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Conference highlights the business for workplace inclusion, Job Fair welcomes 400 LGBT job seekers and 17 major companies including Google, Starbucks, Ford, IBM, McKinsey, and Microsoft  WorkForLGBT and Shanghai LGBT Professionals organized the 1st Annual China LGBT Talent Job Fair – the first time in China companies reached out to the LGBT community in support of diversity & inclusion in employment – on April 25th, 2015 in Shanghai, China. Earlier that day, WorkForLGBT and Shanghai LGBT Professionals held their 2nd Annual LGBT Corporate Diversity & inclusion Conference, welcoming 200 HR leaders and LGBT employees to discuss HR programs and policies that ensure equality at work. This first of its kind gay job fair took place on Saturday, welcoming hundreds of LGBT graduating students and professionals, from a diversity of industry backgrounds and experiences in Shanghai. Tens of thousands in China’s LGBT community dis