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Life Expectancy of Digital Content, with a Twist

When I first saw this chart, I thought "what a great graphic to share with clients and include on presentations!"  But as I studied it in more detail, I liked part of what I saw, but for the rest, I thought "oh hell no!"  Let me explain. It was the blog life expectancy that first resonated with me... it felt right on!   Google and Bing make for a strong argument that content marketing, including converting social media posts into a solid blog posting, ensures that a digital marketing campaign will have a strong impact in both the short-term and long-term for a client.  2 years for a blog entry is a solid component to the digital marketing mix! For most of the other social media post's life expectancy estimates, I concur... but for Facebook , I do think it's important to point out that with their broad yet detailed member data, using their Audience Builder to hyper-target your exact customer demographic is second to none in digital marketing today.  Wh

Facebook was our Social Media Adolescence but Twitter is where our Social Media Adult Life Will Reside

Look at Facebook as wonderful, safe small-town America... not a lot of bad things happen there, but lots of good sure does pass by Main Street every day (think the Facebook Newsfeed).  Your Facebook village can only have 5,000 residents, and new ideas can really only permeate ever so slightly via Facebook business pages and groups you're a part of. The rest does not make it past the town line. Now don't get me wrong... Facebook was a great place to grow up, where we all mastered the art of commenting, liking and sharing (being engaged).  Look at Twitter as the urban face of social media today... it's the BIG CITY!  It's where you can jump in with both feet and be surrounded by millions instantaneously.  At first it's loud, it's noisy and it's confusing.  But then, over time, you start to make sense of it all and your surroundings.  You start to make friends and you start to listen both to people who think like you, as well as others with varying opinio