Facebook was our Social Media Adolescence but Twitter is where our Social Media Adult Life Will Reside

Look at Facebook as wonderful, safe small-town America... not a lot of bad things happen there, but lots of good sure does pass by Main Street every day (think the Facebook Newsfeed).  Your Facebook village can only have 5,000 residents, and new ideas can really only permeate ever so slightly via Facebook business pages and groups you're a part of. The rest does not make it past the town line.

Now don't get me wrong... Facebook was a great place to grow up, where we all mastered the art of commenting, liking and sharing (being engaged).  Look at Twitter as the urban face of social media today... it's the BIG CITY!  It's where you can jump in with both feet and be surrounded by millions instantaneously.  At first it's loud, it's noisy and it's confusing.  But then, over time, you start to make sense of it all and your surroundings.  You start to make friends and you start to listen both to people who think like you, as well as others with varying opinions.  The city size is limitless (think Infinitely Scaleable), and you only thrive when you engage and interact with others in your community.

If you live on Facebook and throw a few posts over to Twitter, you're a tourist.  If you're a media company or business and you post only your headlines, hoping to drive traffic to your website only, then you're a business that is not realizing its full Twitter potential and as an individual, you're not living this urban Twitter life to its fullest.  If you're a business or an individual that interacts and engages with your audience, and follows back a reasonable number who follow you, then you're engaged and you're probably experiencing this Twitter environment in a far more fulfilling way than others who do not follow back and who are not interacting with their fellow Twitter urbanites.

But don't take my word for it... just take a look at what's been happening in just our LGBT world over the past week, including Pride London today!

It's BEYOND wonderful yet overwhelming at all the same time!!!!


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