Multimedia Platforms Inc. Completes Acquisition of 33-year-old FunMaps, Establishing Coast-to-Coast Footprint

Multimedia Platforms Inc. (MMP) (OTCQB: MMPW) today announced it has completed the acquisition of Columbia FunMap, Inc. (FunMaps), a 33-year-old LGBT travel and leisure publishing company, delivering local and regional maps, information and advertising to more than forty (40) key North American cities. As an integrated part of MMP, FunMaps’ established distribution territory to destination cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, BC, and Washington, DC, become part of the Multimedia Platforms market footprint.

“This attractive complementary publication was our first acquisition target for many reasons,” stated Bobby Blair, CEO of MMP.  “In FunMaps we not only acquire the print publication, with a readership of over five (5) million per year, plus thousands of vendors and advertisers in established markets throughout United States and Canada, but also the robust online directory/city guide,,” added Blair.

FunMaps’ award-winning publisher and CEO, Alan H. Beck, will remain with the company for a period of at least three years, and will provide leadership and liason for MMPW with his established market.

"I am pleased to be taking FunMaps to a new level by making it a part of what is the next stage in the evolution of LGBT media," said Alan Beck, former CEO of FunMaps, and Co-President of MMP.  "It is gratifying to be able to bring our own legacy of established advertising relationships with blue-chip companies, developed over decades, into a partnership that will propel the company even further," Beck added.

Multimedia Platforms Inc. has also identified several other established and profitable media companies that each will bring a wealth of assets, revenue and strategic market advantages to MMP, as well as profiting from the alliance in their own core businesses. The company will announce acquisitions as agreements are signed.

Multimedia Platforms, LLC (“MMP”) is an industry-leading Multimedia Technology and Publishing company that integrates print media with social media, and related online platforms, to deliver information and advertising to niche markets. MMP’s goal is to utilize their proven business model to deliver niche publications and online platforms that target one of the most sought after demographics in the world, the $850 billion dollar Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender global market.  MMP has recently expanded their concept to include video and mobile applications reaching deep into the international LGBT community.  MMP’s plan to interweave print, web and mobile delivery of the highest quality news and entertainment information via a variety of platforms crosses all cultural, generational and preferred modality barriers to reach an unprecedented audience.


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