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LGBT Marketing Conference NYC Spotlight: Brooke Skinner - Mobile is SO Gay: New Rules for LGBT Engagement

Meet Brooke Skinner, one of our presenters at the upcoming LGBT Marketing Conference in New York on April 24th, 2014. Brooke Skinner, SVP Brand Strategy Lead, Digitas, will be speaking on "Mobile is SO Gay: New Rules for LGBT Engagement". About the presentation: According to Google, 68% of gay men & 60% of lesbians own smartphones, 45% of LGBTs will research whether a company is “gay friendly” before making a purchase, & 50% have switched products after learning of a company’s negative attitudes toward the LGBT. Although the LGBT population is nearly 12MM in the U.S., little else was known about LGBT mobile device consumers. Until recently. DigitasLBi partnered with Community Marketing Insights (CMI) to commission the industry’s first large-scale research, which found LGBT individuals & families are embracing the “mobile first” way by adopting smartphones and tablets to manage family households, plan and book travel, & leverage mobile shopping tech