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7 Packed Days of LGBT New Media

These past seven days have brought together an incredible array of LGBT influencers, bloggers, vloggers and YouTube content creators, showing first-hand both the strength and the evolution of LGBT New Media in 2016.

It started on July 29th at the Pride Con Meet & Greet at the Anaheim White House.  As this was the first time such a large group of LGBT influencers came together outside of VidCon, we weren't sure how it was all going to go.  But with over 150 attendees, it was a resounding success.  Attending were Trent and Luke, Joey Gentile, Andy Lalwani, Auston Matta, RJ Aguiar, Cole Ledford and Arielle Scarcelli, just to name a few.  Supporting businesses included Revry.TV and Gay Desert Guide / #ILoveGayPalmSprings.  Reviewing all of the social media posts, photos, videos and interactions both during and after the event, it proved once again the power of these individuals as LGBT media entities as the worlds of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram continue to …

Introducing the LGBT Meeting Planners Association (LGBTMPA)

Launched this week to serve the unique needs of LGBT meeting planners around the globe, has created the ideal online marketplace for LGBT event planners, meeting planners and all of their industry contacts.  Designed to facilitate networking and growing business relationships, their main goal is to simply build business for the LGBT meeting planning community.

The LGBTMPA serves a unique space in the marketplace.  There are various groups and associations serving the LGBT travel community, including the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) and Community Marketing.  There are also several large groups and associations serving the meeting and event planning community, including the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) and the Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and within these are subgroups serving niche markets within this community, including LGBT.  They often meet up, on average, once or twice per year at thes…

Appointment Radio for the LGBT Professional

Meet Revolutionary LGBT marketing and advertising executives. Tim Bennett and John Nash, co-hosts of The Focus Group.  Tim and John invite you to share in a friendship spanning 30 plus years while serving up the savvy side of nine to five every Saturday across multiple media platforms.

The Focus Group, is America’s first radio talk show developed and created from a LGBT point of view and has established itself “appointment radio” for the LGBT audience that desires representation beyond the stereotypical. LGBT professionals are often informed in career and business by their identity, which in many cases needs to be carefully managed throughout their working years.  Tim and John speak to that reality by providing actionable information and insights delivered in an entertaining radio talk show format.

The marketing and advertising duo turned radio personalities are best known for creating Subaru of America’s award-winning 15-year advertising effort to the LGBT consumer. Their efforts for…

Well, that didn’t take long…Focus Group Radio is Back!

America’s first radio talk show developed and created from an LGBT business point of view is back! But now, The Focus Group with Tim Bennett and John Nash is bigger, more accessible, and as irreverent as ever in delivering an entertaining look at the world of business.

From memorable class clowns in high school turned revolutionary LGBT advertising and marketing executives, Tim and John invite you to continue to share in their 30 year friendship as they serve up the savvy side of 9 to 5 every Saturday on The Focus Group.

Drawing on their combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience, the conversation ranges from the professional to the personal, and everything in between. Together, Tim and John bring to life the show’s motto of Listen, Laugh and Learn with entertaining banter, unique voices, and smart content.

The Focus Group is appointment radio for many fans across North America and has built a loyal following over the last 8 years.  Listeners will recognize a new spin on such p…

China Holds 2nd Gay Job Fair & 3rd Annual LGBT Diversity Conference

Diversity & Inclusion Conference highlights the business case for workplace inclusion; 
Job Fair welcomes 500 LGBT job seekers and 34 global companies, double the number of companies from last year (17) including Chinese firms Didi Taxi App, BlueFocus, BOSS, etc.

WorkForLGBT organized the 2nd Annual China LGBT Talent Job Fair – attracting twice the number of companies (34) as last year’s job fair in support of LGBT diversity & inclusion on May 29, 2016 in Shanghai, China. Dozens of global Fortune 500 companies joined leading Chinese firms at this history making job fair. Earlier that same day, WorkForLGBT held their 3rd Annual LGBT Corporate Diversity & inclusion Conference, welcoming 100 HR leaders and LGBT employees to discuss programs and policies that can ensure equality at work.

Showcasing the growing acceptance of LGBT employees and customers, as well as the importance of LGBT inclusion as a business issue in China today, more than 800 LGBT employees registered online…

PrideFlight2018 fills Public Relations Post

Steve Murray - Smith joins PrideFlight2018 as head of Public Relations, Brand Development and Marketing

DJ Doran, Senior Pilot for PrideFlight2018, announced today that Steve Murray - Smith has joined the growing team at PrideFlight2018 (

Smith has over 25 + years of public relations and marketing experience promoting The Florida Keys and Key West to domestic and international markets since 1997.  “I am delighted to welcome this talented new crew member to the PrideFlight2018 team,” said Doran. “ Steve will bring his unique ability to connect people to our project and his strong winning attitude and personality are assets that will complement other team members.   Steve is well known and respected in the tourism industry for his marketing efforts over 25 years, and has been recognized worldwide for his contributions promoting Key West by Community Marketing, Out & About Travel, VISIT FLA and as a board member, treasurer and president of the International Gay &…

#unit | World’s First Queer Tech Festival

Presented by the UNICORNS IN TECH Community  April 16, 2016 in Berlin - Postbahnhof Club 
Here comes the second edition of the world’s first queer tech festival and it is once again going to take place in Berlin at Postbahnhof Club. The #unit festival is one of the largest queer tech events in the world and it is a platform for queer and straight techies as well as people who love technology to connect. The goal of UNICORNS IN TECH is to make LGBTI* in tech more visible, to show various perspectives on technology and engage within the digital world.

But…wait! What is this festival all about?

This year’s #unit festival theme is "Connecting Unicorns". It is about how we connect diverse LGBTI* tech people underneath one roof, how we connect the queer community to the wider technology community – both on a personal and a professional level. How is it possible for us to connect the newest tech inventions with our daily life? Technology is changing our lives everyday, everywhere – we…

Pride and Prejudice - New York | London | Hong Kong

What is the cost of LGBT discrimination?
In a November 2015 survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit, 24.9% of respondents chose financial performance out of a variety of potential factors, as benefiting most from workplace diversity and inclusion. But with little hard evidence that inclusion directly improves a company’s bottom line, what is the business case for supporting LGBT diversity? Just as any Western company entering the Asian market needs to learn to adapt to local market cultures, Asian companies seeking to expand abroad also need to contend with unfamiliar legislative regimes, hiring practices and cultural expectations. In our discussions with political and business leaders across Asia it has become apparent that the challenges of LGBT inclusion are often more pronounced in this region than in other less sensitive parts of the world.

Daniel Franklin, executive editor of The Economist says “The Economist has long supported equal rights for LGBT individuals. Nearly twenty y…