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#unit | World’s First Queer Tech Festival

Presented by the UNICORNS IN TECH Community  April 16, 2016 in Berlin - Postbahnhof Club  Here comes the second edition of the world’s first queer tech festival and it is once again going to take place in Berlin at Postbahnhof Club. The #unit festival is one of the largest queer tech events in the world and it is a platform for queer and straight techies as well as people who love technology to connect. The goal of UNICORNS IN TECH is to make LGBTI* in tech more visible, to show various perspectives on technology and engage within the digital world. But…wait! What is this festival all about? This year’s #unit festival theme is " Connecting Unicorns ". It is about how we connect diverse LGBTI* tech people underneath one roof, how we connect the queer community to the wider technology community – both on a personal and a professional level. How is it possible for us to connect the newest tech inventions with our daily life? Technology is changing our lives everyday,