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LGBT Marketing Conference NYC Spotlight: Scott Gatz -

Meet Scott Gatz, one of our presenters at the upcoming LGBT Marketing Conference in New York on April 29th, 2011. Scott will be speaking on  Getting found & standing out: Mobile Phones, Location Based Services, where do you fit in? Your customers are using their mobile phones for everything these days.   From discovering where to go, connecting with friends,  planning trips to online payments.    Every day you read about iPhone, Android, Facebook Places, Foursquare and how consumers are relying on their devices in ways we never imagined before.   This session will get you up to speed on the trends in Mobile and Location Based Services and what all this means for your planning process.    Should you be experimenting in mobile this year?  How do you plan for a future where more people find you in their palm than on their desk?   Hear Scott's take on the industry and participate in a discussion with others in the room. LINKS:  |   www.GayCit

LGBT Marketing Conference NYC Spotlight: John Lake - Corporate Development Director, Human Rights Campaign

Meet John Lake, one of our presenters at the upcoming LGBT Marketing Conference in New York on April 29th, 2011. John Lake will be speaking on Connecting Responsibly to LGBT Consumers The LGBT Community is especially sensitive to businesses that seek their loyalty without recognizing the importance of good corporate citizenship.  John will discuss how companies successfully connect their internal policies to LGBT marketing efforts, and what steps to take to create strong relationships with community partners. Examples will be shared to illustrate how social responsibility can be integrated into an effective marketing message. As Corporate Development Director for America’s largest LGBT Advocacy Organization, and with 15 years of strategic marketing experience, John understands both sides of corporate/community relationships and seeks to create responsible partnerships that benefit them both. LINKS:  |

LGBT Marketing Conference NYC Spotlight: Darren Spedale - Founder, StartOut

Meet Darren Spedale, one of our presenters at the upcoming LGBT Marketing Conference in New York on April 29th, 2011. One of the presenters of  The Business of LGBT Business Darren Spedale, Founder, StartOut with Richard Oceguera, President, NGLCC-NY and Thomas Roth, President, Community Marketing, Inc. Leveraging Diversity to You Advantage NGLCC Certification and Supplier Diversity The Newest Niche: Breakthrough research is uncovering a significant new LGBT B2B market segment. We call it  the “Multiplier Marketing” effect, and corporations can leverage it to maximize LGBT ROI Darren's presentation will be as follows: Leveraging Diversity to Your Advantage Throughout the 20th century - and still in many places today - gays and lesbians have had to hide their sexual orientation in order to avoid losing clients, losing promotions, or even losing their job.  However, in the early part of the 21st century, many members of the LGBT community have come to realize that bein

LGBT Marketing Conference NYC Spotlight: Merryn Johns - Curve Magazine

Meet Merryn Johns, one of our presenters at the upcoming LGBT Marketing Conference in New York on April 29th, 2011. Merryn Johns, Editor in Chief, Curve Magazine, together with Jennifer Vanasco, Editor in Chief,, will be presenting the  Lesbian Marketing Panel -  Lesbian consumers are often depicted as marginal, reluctant or elusive, when in fact the opposite is true. You just need to know how to find them . Merryn Johns' angle will be in presenting Lesbian Myths and Marketing: How To Reach An Elusive and Lucrative Segment . The talk will challenge some of the stereotypes about lesbians that persist and cause advertisers to underestimate this diverse and savvy market segment. It will illustrate the breadth of the lesbian demographic, and outline what lesbians seek from brands, products and services. Discover why representation is so important to lesbians, how to balance a business message with political insight, and how to directly reach this strong market se

LGBT Marketing Conference NYC Spotlight: Cathy Renna - Renna Communications

Meet Cathy Renna, one of our presenters at the upcoming LGBT Marketing Conference in New York on April 29th, 2011.  Cathy will be presenting the following: “I Never Thought About It That Way" Personal storytelling as a tool for promotion and social change  An extremely effective way to educate the public - especially in the realm of earned media - is by placing the stories of "real people" who exemplify the issue you are promoting. For over two decades, Cathy Renna has been a media activist, communications expert and is now owner of a public interest communications firm that specializes in just that. Renna Communications, with the tag line "we'll get your story told," has placed thousands of articles about the lives of the LGBT community and our allies, resulted in earned media of incalculable value. But the true value lies in the impact. The intersection of issues and individuals is one that can be challenging and fraught with obstacles and challenges. Co