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Brian Darling Launches Own Business Management Firm Focusing on Entertainment and LGBT Communities

Brian Darling, a 27 year business manager professional, has announced the launch of his own business management firm, Darling Business Management.  A veteran of the southern California entertainment industry, Mr. Darling provides complete Business management services and has worked with many industry clients, actors, directors, writers, agents, attorneys, high-net-worth individuals, as well as LGBT Individuals and couples. “Having my own firm gives me more control over providing personal service at a cost-effective fee,” said Mr. Darling. “Successful people are discovering that although their wealth brings many luxuries, it also brings new challenges and increased responsibilities, which require more personal attention. I also utilize Datafaction Imaging Specialized Accounting Software that most of the bigger business management firms in the entertainment industry use. This means that my clients get this same top of the line financial support as the big firms at Darling Business M