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Some Breakout Tweets from #ILoveGay Network - September 2017

We've had some excellent "breakout" Tweets over the past few months... following the strategy and guidelines described in the links below, we've been able to achieve Twitter posts with several thousand views and a strong engagement rate (likes, comments, shares and clicks) of 5-10%. Twitter IS the media, not just a source for driving traffic to a website. Interactive Storytelling in 140 characters or less... Tap into the strength of social media and LGBTQ Influencers with the #ILoveGay Twitter 360° Network! Click Here for some of our latest #ILoveGay opportunities! Read more on this topic with the following articles: The LGBT TwitterSphere - This Is Where They Eyeballs Are Going Today HOW Do You Do It?  The LGBT "TwitterSphere" and the Unique Language of Twitter Tips & Tricks on Maximizing Your LGBT Twitter Posts with #ILoveGay #ILoveGay and the LGBT Twitter 360° Environment Our PowerPoint Presentation on Twitt