LGBT Marketing Conference NYC Spotlight: Scott Gatz -

Meet Scott Gatz, one of our presenters at the upcoming LGBT Marketing Conference in New York on April 29th, 2011.

Scott will be speaking on Getting found & standing out: Mobile Phones, Location Based Services, where do you fit in?
Your customers are using their mobile phones for everything these days.   From discovering where to go, connecting with friends,  planning trips to online payments.    Every day you read about iPhone, Android, Facebook Places, Foursquare and how consumers are relying on their devices in ways we never imagined before.   This session will get you up to speed on the trends in Mobile and Location Based Services and what all this means for your planning process.    Should you be experimenting in mobile this year?  How do you plan for a future where more people find you in their palm than on their desk?   Hear Scott's take on the industry and participate in a discussion with others in the room.



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