LGBT Marketing Conference NYC Spotlight: Merryn Johns - Curve Magazine

Meet Merryn Johns, one of our presenters at the upcoming LGBT Marketing Conference in New York on April 29th, 2011.

Merryn Johns, Editor in Chief, Curve Magazine, together with Jennifer Vanasco, Editor in Chief,, will be presenting the Lesbian Marketing PanelLesbian consumers are often depicted as marginal, reluctant or elusive, when in fact the opposite is true. You just need to know how to find them.

Merryn Johns' angle will be in presenting Lesbian Myths and Marketing: How To Reach An Elusive and Lucrative Segment. The talk will challenge some of the stereotypes about lesbians that persist and cause advertisers to underestimate this diverse and savvy market segment. It will illustrate the breadth of the lesbian demographic, and outline what lesbians seek from brands, products and services. Discover why representation is so important to lesbians, how to balance a business message with political insight, and how to directly reach this strong market segment, domestically, internationally and through print and online media.

Merryn Johns is the Editor in Chief of best-selling lesbian magazine, Curve. She was previously Editor in Chief of Australia’s lesbian magazine, LOTL, and Founding Editor of international queer women’s lifestyle magazine, BOUND.


  1. What is the chance that this presentation by Merryn Johns is available by video or transcript? I'm very interested to learn how to more effectively market to the lesbian community and I was unable to make the event.

    Thank you,
    Mary G. Malia


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