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What is the cost of LGBT discrimination?
In a November 2015 survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit, 24.9% of respondents chose financial performance out of a variety of potential factors, as benefiting most from workplace diversity and inclusion. But with little hard evidence that inclusion directly improves a company’s bottom line, what is the business case for supporting LGBT diversity? Just as any Western company entering the Asian market needs to learn to adapt to local market cultures, Asian companies seeking to expand abroad also need to contend with unfamiliar legislative regimes, hiring practices and cultural expectations. In our discussions with political and business leaders across Asia it has become apparent that the challenges of LGBT inclusion are often more pronounced in this region than in other less sensitive parts of the world.

Daniel Franklin, executive editor of The Economist says “The Economist has long supported equal rights for LGBT individuals. Nearly twenty years ago in our cover story, 'Let them wed', we argued in favour of same-sex marriage. Progress since then has been huge but uneven—hence the need for a global conversation on the costs of LGBT discrimination."

Pride and Prejudice is comprehensive global initiative exploring the business and economic case for LGBT diversity and inclusion. On March 3rd 2016, beginning in Hong Kong, continuing in London and ending in New York, a 24-hour event will bring together policy makers and industry leaders to discuss the global LGBT movement and its impact on business and the economy.

We hope you will join us for this important debate as we explore:

  • What is the state of LGBT rights in Asia? 
  • Can legislation shift public opinion, or should policy follow public opinion? 
  • What are the economic, business and social costs of discrimination? 
  • Should LGBT rights matter to business? 
  • Are gay rights compatible with Asian values? 
  • Inclusion at home and abroad—Best practice for MNCs and Asian firms going global 

Your support to our global initiative in diversity and inclusion is important to us.
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