Well, that didn’t take long…Focus Group Radio is Back!

America’s first radio talk show developed and created from an LGBT business point of view is back! But now, The Focus Group with Tim Bennett and John Nash is bigger, more accessible, and as irreverent as ever in delivering an entertaining look at the world of business.

From memorable class clowns in high school turned revolutionary LGBT advertising and marketing executives, Tim and John invite you to continue to share in their 30 year friendship as they serve up the savvy side of 9 to 5 every Saturday on The Focus Group.

Drawing on their combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience, the conversation ranges from the professional to the personal, and everything in between. Together, Tim and John bring to life the show’s motto of Listen, Laugh and Learn with entertaining banter, unique voices, and smart content.

The Focus Group is appointment radio for many fans across North America and has built a loyal following over the last 8 years.  Listeners will recognize a new spin on such popular segments as Shop Talk, What Caught My Eye, and Business Birthdays.   A few new segments have been added based on fan input to include The Week in Science and “Ask” Tim and John.

“The only show that brings smart insight and actual top tier business guests to the airwaves with fun, humor and just enough gay banter to make it, well, gay.”
Listener Joe in Catalina

 The Focus Group with Tim Bennett and John Nash

We’re all business. Except when we’re not.



  1. Love Tim & John! Best part of any business radio!

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