7th Annual LGBT Community Survey New Research Report Released at CommunityMarketingInc.com

7th Annual LGBT Community Survey® report on 30,000 LGBT citizens indicates similarities and differences among the L, the G, the B and the T. 

Community Market & Insights (CMI) has released its 2013 LGBT Community Survey report. Over 30,000 people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities participated, representing more than 100 countries. More than 180 LGBT media, events and organizations worldwide partnered with CMI in this year’s study.

By attracting large numbers of respondents, CMI is able to look at the many segments within LGBT. Obviously the media consumption, purchasing patterns and motivations of a 25 year old single gay man living in New York City are completely different than those of a lesbian couple in their 60’s living in Sedona, Arizona. The study helps organizations understand how the LGBT community sometimes responds as one voice, or when demographic differences such as gender, age, and geographic residence are far more important.

The first two reports derived from the 7th Annual LGBT Community Survey include a United States overview and a comparative study between United States and Canadian LGBT consumers. These and other reports are available for download at no cost HERE.

A sample of key findings for LGBTs living in the United States

  • In our annual write-in brand recall section: Starbucks has moved to the number one position of brands perceived as most supportive of the LGBT community. JCPenney, Target, Apple and Amazon round out the top five. 
  • 75% of LGBTs are actively boycotting Chick-fil-A.
  • The term “LGBT” has strengthened its lead as the preferred term to describe the community. “GLBT” is continuing to lose favor (even among gay men). Bisexual men and women and the transgender community strongly prefer the term LGBT.
  • The LGBT community demonstrates strong support of the performing arts, with over 60% having purchased tickets in the past 12 months.
  • Nearly half of all gay/bi men and lesbian/bi women surveyed make financial contributions to a charity or non-profit at least annually, while those in the transgender community are more likely (54%) than LGBs to perform volunteer work.
  • Lesbian and bisexual women are far more likely (44%) to purchase spa services than gay and bisexual men (32%).
  • Lesbians consume beer on similar levels as gay men, but are far less likely to drink spirits. 59% of gay men under age 30 have consumed a spirits drink in the past week. Community members identifying as transgender drink far less alcohol than those who identify as a gay man or lesbian. Canadian LGBTs drink more wine than USA LGBTs.
  • Facebook is a dominant media force within the LGBT community. However, LGBT-specific websites are showing notable growth in LGBT readership.
  • During the past week, 42% of lesbian/bi women “liked” a business on Facebook, 28% of gay/bi men “checked in” at a business to get deals or discounts and 17% of lesbian/bi women purchased a deal from Groupon, Living Social, etc.
  • 56% of lesbians watched an NFL game on television in the past year, compared to 40% of gay men. Lesbians widely support the WNBA with 34% watching a game on television and 12% attending a game.

CMI has been producing these studies to help support the work of LGBT community media and organizations for nearly two decades. For more information about the 7th Annual LGBT Community Survey, please contact David Paisley at david@CommunityMarketingInc.com

About Community Marketing & Insights:
CMI’s research clients include leaders from a wide range of industries. Custom CMI studies have been produced for Wells Fargo Bank, SunTrust Bank, ABSOLUT Vodka, E&J Gallo Wineries, Prudential Financial, MetLife, WNBA, Esurance, Target Brands, Digitas, Travelocity, American Cancer Society, Kaiser Family Foundation, Hyatt Hotels, Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB, Canadian Tourism Commission, Stockholm Tourism Board, Japan National Tourism Organization, The U.S. Census and numerous other corporations and organizations across North America and around the world.

CMI’s research has been published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Advertising Week, CBS News, NPR, Associated Press, and many other international, national and regional media.

LGBT Community Survey is a registered trademark of Community Marketing, Inc.


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