2017 Here We Come! LGBT Week NYC + Influencers + New Media + We're Hiring

We wanted to take this time to wish you all an absolutely wonderful and happy New Year!  We look forward to both working with you, as well as connecting with you at some of the various LGBT business events happening this year, including our signature event LGBT Week NYC, produced in partnership with Community Marketing & Insights, and sponsored by Rivendell Media and Argentina.

For LGBT Week NYC, May 15-19, 2017 in New York City, we'll be doing some unique programming on Thursday morning, May 18th, focusing on the world of LGBT New Media, including presentations from some of the top LGBT influencers, video bloggers and new media bloggers who focus as much on their social media outreach as they do their respective blogs.  If you're in this category, please do contact us, as we're looking for some of the best in new practices, thoughts and ideas related to how to reach a targeted LGBT community online.

Speaking of influencers, we've beefed up our offering this year, as the interest and demand in some of what these folks bring to the table for LGBT marketing has grown exponentially over the last year.  Featured on the page linked below are some highlights of our LGBT Influencer partners in 2017, including Outfluential and Moovz.  We're also bringing to the forefront some of the top LGBT influencers we're working with to go above and beyond in getting a client's message out there online, including TwoBadTourists, Josh Rimer, Brian Webb (TheHomoCulture.com) and the Nomadic Boys. We also have some lesbian influencers, as well as additional influencers outside of North America, that we'll be adding to this roster in the coming months.

We're also featuring our #ILoveGay program, where some of our top @ILoveGayLGBT profiles have developed into some of the strongest performing "influencers" in their category, including those focused on LGBT travel, business and more.  Take a look at what we're offering with #ILoveGay, as this is fast becoming one of the more powerful components in our clients' overall marketing strategy in reaching a targeted LGBT demographic online.

Lastly, with all of this activity going on in 2017, we're growing as a company as well.  We're actively hiring new online digital sales individuals who have a proven strength in social media, specifically when it comes to #hashtags and the unique language of Twitter and Instagram.


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